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Canterbury WeatherCam Selection

- Stills
- Time-lapse Videos


Here's a collection of images of some interesting still images from the WeatherCam.

Canterbury WeatherCam
Venus and Jupiter rising at dawn on 21st Oct 2004
Canterbury WeatherCam
Moon rising at dusk on 24th Oct 2004
Canterbury WeatherCam
Sometimes the camera happens to catch a train!
Canterbury WeatherCam
Sunrise on 25th Oct 2004
Canterbury WeatherCam
Bird in flight
Canterbury WeatherCam
Sunrise on 27th Oct 2004

Time-lapse Videos

I will occasionally make a time-lapse video of an interesting day's weather. These files are quite large though.

29th October 2004 - 3.99MB
Starts at 6am and finishes at 7pm. You can see Venus and Jupiter at the start of the video.

About the Camera

The camera used is a Philips ToUcam Pro II and images are generated and uploaded to the website using Dorgem. Weather data provided by weather.com®.

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